• Bee-Ware! (Print + PDF)

48 page full color hardcover
Writing and art by Kelvin Green


The quiet village of Ambersham produces prize-winning mead... and hides a deadly secret. For the people of Ambersham are shape-changing monstrosities under the influence of a hideous “queen”, corrupted by a power that is not hers by right, a power stolen from a transcendent entity that even now plots its escape.

BEE-WARE! is an adventure for Lamentations of The Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Roleplaying and other traditional role-playing games. The adventure is packed full of very deadly monsters, and as such is best suited for careful and clever players; those who desire direct combat will need lots of characters, high-level characters, or both.

BEE-WARE! is written by Kelvin Green, who wrote Forgive UsFish Fuckers, More Than Meets The EyeMidvinterGreen MessiahTerror In The Streets, and Strict Time Records Must Be Kept.

Kelvin regrets nothing.

Bee-Ware! (Print + PDF)

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