• Scenic Dunnsmouth (Print + PDF)

112 pages softcover, A5 size

Written by Zzarchov Kowolski
Editing and Development by Matthew Pook
Artwork, Cartography, and Design by Jez Gordon

Dunnsmouth is diseased and rotten to the core. 

Beset by malefactors supernatural and mundane, Dunnsmouth slowly dies in the swamp. But within the rot are mysteries to be solved, evil to be fought, and the Weird to be encountered. 

Scenic Dunnsmouth features an innovative village generation system using dice and playing cards to ensure that every expedition to Dunnsmouth is unique; the adventure never plays the same way twice. The threats, their intensity, which villagers are present, which alliances they hold, and even the village map, are all randomly determined before play. 

Scenic Dunnsmouth is an adventure for characters of levels 2-5 for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.


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"It's a curious offering." - Dreams of the Lich House

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"it is a sandbox setting on the whole done right"  - The RPGPundit

it’s absolutely wonderful. - James Maliszewski at Black Gate

Scenic Dunnsmouth takes an interesting and divergent approach from a standard adventure. - Take On Rules

"I am talking out of character here - can you please stop scaring my girlfriend." - Ten Foot Polemic

" I cannot recommend Kowolski’s book enough; this book should be in every GM’s collection;" - Imaginary Enterprises

Scenic Dunnsmouth (Print + PDF)

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