• Strict Time Records Must Be Kept (Print + PDF)

80 page 2-color color A5-sized hardcover
Writing and Art by Kelvin Green
Layout and Graphic Design by Alex Mayo 
Editing by Tom Cadorette

A Dinner Date... with Death!

Staying with friends is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but what if that “friend” doses you with a slow-acting and fatal poison as part of a demented game for the perverse amusement of wealthy people?

That’s the problem the player-characters must solve, while trapped miles from help, surrounded by bastards, confounded by puzzles and traps, and with every minute bringing them closer to a horrible and messy demise.

Strict Time Records Must Be Kept is an adventure for Lamentations of The Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Roleplaying and other traditional role-playing games. For the most meaningful campaign, the adventure is recommended for characters of up to third level.

Strict Time Records Must Be Kept is written by Kelvin Green, who wrote Forgive UsFish FuckersMore Than Meets The EyeMidvinterGreen Messiah, and Terror In The Streets.

Strict Time Records Must Be Kept (Print + PDF)

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