128 page A5-sized hardcover

Writing, Cartography, and Design by Glynn Seal

My name is John Benjamin Williams.
I am a English cartographer and architect employed with the Staffortonshire Trading Company.
Small in size, but with powerful connections, the Staffortonshire trade commodities all around the known world, particularly in Europe.
This is what people see me do and hear me say.
However, that is not why I am employed by the Staffortonshire.
For the past twenty years I have travelled the globe as a spy for the English crown.

Now in my sixtieth year, the year of our lord 1674, my health is failing.
Before I lay down with God, I complete and compile the cartographic works created during my travels for the Staffortonshire, and ultimately the English Crown.

John Benjamin Williams - 1674

This book is filled with maps and illustrations based on 17th century historical references to help inspire adventure and create memorable games.

Staffortonshire Trading Company Works of John Williams, The (Print + PDF)

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