• Temple of the Wurm (Print + PDF)

48 pages A5-sized hardcover
Writing by Alucard Finch
Front cover Art by Paul Laane
Interior Art by Jakob Farrell
Cartography and Layout by Glynn Seal
Editing by Tom Cadorette

An adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional tabletop role-playing games.

Death erupts from a realm beyond the senses, threatening to cull the final remnants of an alien race.

Heretics practice forbidden rites in a desperate attempt to stave off the creeping doom.

Shadows take on a life of their own and are quickly sundered, lost to forever under the edge of a blade.

A father cries out piteously for someone to help find his missing child and receives only contempt in reply.

Hope dies in the depths, leaving despair alone to hold its wake.

All this and more awaits those who dare venture into the… Temple of the Wurm.

Temple of the Wurm (Print + PDF)

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