LotFP requires a certain amount of information in order to process and ship your orders. For record-keeping, customer service, and tax reasons, this information will be stored.

LotFP will not share any individual's information beyond necessary to fulfill the order, or sell individual's information.

LotFP is using third-party fulfillment (Flag River Group) and of course we will need to share order information with them.

Non-identifying information about customer groups, such as the numbers of customers in certain geographical regions or the number that have bought a particular item or were customers within a certain time frame, may be publicly disclosed.

In extraordinary cases (legal issues, etc) information may be shared with the proper authorities.

Nobody associated with LotFP will alter customer records or information (beyond legacy Gardening Society upgrades). Any change you would like made to your account information (say, subscribing or unsubscribing to the newsletter) must be done by you.