Terms & Conditions

All items ordered from this webstore ship from a US location. We also have an EU-located webstore with some different items (shirts!) here. They are effectively different webstores; information is not transferred between the US and EU webstores so you will need to open separate accounts for each store to order from each.

Prices are in Euros because payments come to the LotFP Paypal address which is attached to a Finnish bank. Paypal will automatically convert currencies when you are buying, but it becomes a logistics nightmare to manually convert currencies for each individual order on our end.

After your payment has cleared (usually instantly if you use Paypal, although sometimes it requires a manual review), you may download your PDF by going to the Account tab.

Most orders will ship within two business days after ordering. LotFP does attend the occasional convention abroad and even gets away a time or two a year for a vacation, and in these cases orders placed while we are away will be processed upon our return.

If you pre-order an item, any other items included in the same order will ship when the pre-ordered item is in stock. If you would like to pre-order an item as well as order in-stock items that you would like to have immediately ship, you should place separate orders.

Coupons and discounts apply to pre-tax totals and do not alter shipping charges unless the offer specifies free shipping.

Any free shipping offers will be shipped using the least expensive method possible.

LotFP assumes that you have researched the items you order and are making an informed purchase. If you have any questions or concerns about a product, please ask before ordering.

Double-check your shipping address before finalizing your order. If an item is returned to us due to an incorrect address being given with your order, you will be charged the shipping cost again before the order will re-ship (if you did not pay a shipping cost on the original order, you must pay the standard postage rate on the re-ship). If you choose to be instead refunded at this point, you will be refunded the total amount you paid minus the actual postage rate for your order (even if you did not pay the shipping cost on the original order). You are responsible for giving a valid and correct address with your order.

All sales are final, with the following exceptions: If your order arrives damaged, or if there was an error with the order, email lotfp@lotfp.com (include the order number in your message) with the details and we'll get it sorted. If your order does not arrive at all, definitely let us know as well.

Nobody associated with LotFP will alter customer records or information (beyond legacy Gardening Society upgrades). Any change you would like made to your account information (say, subscribing or unsubscribing to the newsletter) must be done by you.